Sunvie, design and development of solar installations

Sunvie: a designer developer of scaled solar installations

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Design development of photovoltaic installations in France

Created in 2006 and having joined the Orygeen group in June 2017, Sunvie carries out photovoltaic projects for companies and local groups in order to:

  • develop and optimise the solar potential of companies,
  • reduce their energy bill by investing sustainably in renewable energy,
  • lower their CO₂ emissions,
  • embody the involvement of national companies in favour of the environment.

Confident that:

  • the solar photovoltaic responds to varied energy expectations and requirements,
  • the production of solar electricity in France is possible,
  • and that solar should become a reflex in all construction or renovation projects,

Sunvie has chosen to intervene as a designer, developer, integrator, and exploiter.

With its teams of experienced project manager, all specialised engineers in solar installations, Sunvie designs key and economically viable photovoltaic plants to contribute to the development of solar branches in France.

Sunvie advises and supports companies and local groups who want to exploit their available spaces (roofs, facades, parking lots, empty spaces…), and to realise their energy saving to reduce their costs or value certain of their actives by an investment which allow them to become energy producers.

This expert in solar develops ad hoc solutions particularly adapted for:

  • companies of the tertiary sector,
  • companies of the industrial sector,
  • territorial groups,
  • large distributions compagnies,
  • big promoters (offices, buildings, shopping centres, etc.).

Sunvie is independent of all technology and providers: its integral approach enable it to propose all the necessary competences for its clients to design, develop and put into place the photovoltaic power plants.

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