Installation of an on-site renewable energy solution

Installation : moving efficiently from design to implementation

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After the phases of defining the strategy, establishing the roadmap, carrying out the diagnosis and proposing the action plan, the challenges of the installation phase will be different depending on whether a technical solution is to be installed or not.

Installation d’une solution technique

Installer une solution technique


The installation of technical solutions


Regarding energy efficiency, renewable energy production or energy flexibility, the installation phase must obviously meet standards and quality expected within the set time frame.

It is equally necessary to take into account all the aspects of maintenance of the installation.

When installing a technical solution, Orygeen can :

carry out the turnkey project from installation to commissioning,

or supervise the operation on behalf of the client (AMO),

or negotiate a service or supply contract on behalf of the client.

or take charge of the acceptance of an installation carried out by a third party.

For customers who do not wish to invest directly and mobilise their balance sheet, Orygeen takes care of the investment and delivers the solution in the form of an energy performance contract or an energy purchase agreement.

Installation d’une solution technique

Implementation of non-technical solutions


Related to procedures, behaviours, questioning needs or setting up a measurement and monitoring system, implementing non-technical solutions requires :

  • writing new procedures (if necessary)
  • training of teams,
  • carrying out tests (to validate a new protocol or new manufacturing specifications in the event of a change in the specification of the need)
  • setting up management rituals to ensure that what has been defined is achieved and to correct any problems that may arise,
  • transferring skills to operators and middle management to teach them how to read the scorecards, identify deviations, define the actions to be taken in response to deviations and monitor the results.

During the implementation of a non-technical solution, Orygeen will assist its client in :


Writing protocols and procedures


Ensure the training of the teams


Coaching managers in the implementation of management rituals


Take care of the remote monitoring of data to trigger actions

In some cases, the solution to be implemented is a subcontract or service contract (maintenance or facility management contract, supply contract, etc.).

In this case, Orygeen will provide its expertise to :


Drafting a call for tenders


Analyse the offers and evaluate the suppliers


Negotiate the contract


supervise the launch

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