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The Orygeen Institute: incite industrials to act on their energy performance

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The Orygeen Institute is an association with a non-lucrative goal whose mission is to incite industrials to act on their energy performance. The association carries out different actions to sensitize people to the challenges of energy efficiency in the industrial sector and valorise the industries’ return experience.

Three studies and two annual award ceremonies

In parallel to the Observatory of Energy Maturity of the plastic processing branch, the Institute has put into place various observations in the sector of agribusiness (IAA) at the national level, but also for the region of Hauts-de-France and in Spain. For the last three years, the Institute also organises the annual presentation of Trophies of Energy Performance in the Agribusiness Industry in France and in Spain.

500 partner companies

Presided by Jean-Paul Torris, general director of Savencia Cheese and Dairy, the Orygeen Institute leans on the competence and experience of the Orygeen group, a company specialised in energy performance services. Over 500 companies are already partners of the Orygeen Institute.

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