Measures to improve energy performance

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In a rapidly changing energy environment, the planet is facing an environmental emergency at the same time as a digital revolution and constant competitiveness. Orygeen supports major global companies, and French SMBs and SMEs to improve their energy performance, by making the most of new opportunities and enable them to achieve their economic and environmental objectives.

Mid to long term objectives across multiple sites


To efficiently optimise companies’ energetic costs and to reduce their CO₂ emissions in the mid to long term (10, 20 to 30 years). Orygeen takes a holistic approach to energy performance across all their sites, potentially on several countries:

  • Online corporate strategy,
  • Managing the roll-out plan,
  • Designing an action plan per site and carrying out studies,
  • Calibrating the investment and financing as accurately as possible,
  • Implementing a solution according to each site,
  • Measuring results and implementing continuous improvement processes.

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