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A true specialist in the industrial sector, Orygeen stands out thanks to its systematic approach to energy efficiency. We can intervene across the whole  industrial site: on the building, the process which holds the key to the potential for reducing energy consumption, and on the energy consumption linked to the vehicle fleet.

Confident in its expertise, sure of the efficiency of its advice and responsible for the quality of the installations it sets up, Orgyeen designs energy efficiency according to a suistainable improvement plan, based on the World Class Energy Performance method.

The building’s energy efficiency

Whether it relates to the production sites, the logistical sites, office buildings or residential buildings, Orygeen intervenes on the three main aspects of a building’s energy efficiency:

  • the lighting,
  • the air-conditioning, ventilation and heating,
  • the insolation.

In order to truly improve the energy efficiency of a building in construction or in renovation, Orygeen offers to:

Define the real needs

Identify the useable natural resources

Propose the best technological choices

Define suitable monitoring systems

Instal adapted solutions

Optimise the energy consumed at the heart of the process

Regarding the reduction of energy consumption on a production site, the process represents, in a way, the submerged part of an iceberg: this is where the energy challenges of the industry are concentrated. So how can we implement energy optimisation in a factory?

Redesign the needs and optimise the operations

If we want to consume less energy when making a product of quality, security and productivity which is identical or superior to the current one, it is imperative to involve the companies’ teams, for example through the Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen methods.

In close collaboration with its clients, Orygeen will:

Rethink the steps of the process, the transformation methods and the associated technologies

Revise the production and maintenance practises

Optimise the consumption during non-production hours

Hunt down inefficiency

Recovering and reusing energetic heat

When it comes to the quantity of available energy when it’s neither recovered or valued, heat is the biggest asset still available in the industry. Simples solutions allow the recovery of heat on the compressors or hearths with a very good return on investment. In order to identify the best options to recover heat and cold at the heart of the process, thermal integration uses the PinCH methods or the analysis of energy and exergie in the process.

Within a heat recovery mission, Orgyeen could:

Model thermal fluctuation

Choose the most profitable options

Design and adapt the exchange system

Put into place and measure results

Propose and organise portage via third-party financing

Optimising the technical production equipment

The transformation of the product on an industrial site (for instance, an oven, a crusher, an extruder, a fryer…) includes the possible optimisation of the technical production equipment, as well as the production and distribution of the utilities (heat, cold, compressed air, water, vacuum). A global approach to the complete chain of production allows the detection of real improvement areas via the regulation of equipment, their optimisation or replacement.

To optimise the technical production equipment, Orygeen takes on:

The division and analysis of the consumption and equipment used

Detect and account for the possible improvements, including subsidies and CEE

Arbitrate between optimisation and replacement

Conceive new solutions

Instal and put into place said solutions

Organise the portage and third-party financing

The measurement and follow-up of the performances

In order to supervise energy efficiency, set objectives, follow them through, involve the teams, react to changes and show the results, it is important to set KPI and conduct regular measurements.

The transformation of the energy performance is a process of sustained improvement that can eventually be supported by ISO 50001.

For Orygeen, the implementation of energy efficiency management goes through the following steps:

Defining the follow-up indicators according to influencing factors

Choosing the adapted hardware and software digital solutions

Create pertinent dashboard

Define alarm levels and associated necessary actions

Mut into place management rituals