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The branches of Orygeen

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A group in full expansion, Orygeen brings together the skills to propose a global energy performance model to its B to B clients, big companies, SMBs and SMEs. That’s how it can accompany companies on the road to their energy transformation, from the definition of the strategy, the roadmap design, the diagnosis, the study of design, until the realisation, the implementation and their financing.

Orygeen distinguishes itself from its competitors by this systemic and systematic approach based on the innovative principles of a continual improvement method, the World Class Energy Performance. Its’ experts act across all the areas of energy performance: energy efficiency, energetic flexibility, energy storage, autoproduction, energy purchasing and corporate PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).

Formed by gathering companies from the energy market recognised for their expertise, long history, and track record of satisfied clients, the group will continue to evolve and integrate companies aligned with its values and development project.

Orygeen today is a human adventure composed of over 75 passionate collaborators who work at the heart of the company or one of the branches:

Design development of photovoltaic installations in France

Sunvie, designer producer of professional photovoltaic solutions

Logo Francenergies

FRANCENERGIES, expert installer in energy and environmental performance of the building

Logo 3J

3j-Consult, an expert study office in industrial energy and thermal efficiency

These multi-talented teams also dispose of a solid network of partners in order to fully respond to Orygeen’s engagement with companies and the planet.

Orygeen group: