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3j-Consult is a consultancy firm with expertise in :

Founded in 1982 (under the name TI-Consult), 3j-Consult has been assisting industrialists for 40 years in their projects to optimise their energy efficiency and their industrial thermal issues.

Its experts take charge of all the stages of a project, from the identification and theoretical study to the implementation of solutions.

3j-Consult has carried out more than 200 on-site energy audits over the last 5 years. Since 2005, 3j-Consult’s clients have reduced their energy consumption by an average of 21.4%.

In order to base its recommendations on concrete facts, 3j-Consult has developed innovative methods, such as very high temperature measurements. This provides key technical parameters, guarantees the reliability of the studies and therefore the relevance of investment decisions.

Wishing to remain completely independent from technologies and suppliers, 3j-Consult has never wanted to be an equipment supplier. Its mission is to advise its clients on all the technical aspects of their energy projects, to help them choose their suppliers and to provide project management.

Orygeen’s expertise in waste heat recovery and industrial heat is structured around the experience and know-how of the 3j-Consult teams.

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