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Founded in 2004 by two physicists, Levisys is a French company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of very high performance flywheels and electrochemical batteries, ideal for individual and collective self-consumption.

Convinced that flywheels would play an important role in the energy transition to carbon neutrality, the founders of Levisys focused their product development from the outset on optimising efficiency, optimising reliability and reducing costs.

Levisys has been able to add cutting-edge technology to the principle of kinetic energy conversion that has existed since antiquity. Magnetic levitation reduces electrical and mechanical losses to a level never before achieved.

Levisys aims to become a global player in storage and to enable its customers to benefit from the considerable reduction in the price of lithium batteries. The company has strategic partnerships and distribution agreements with the world’s leading suppliers of this technology.

Levisys is involved in the development of self-consumption projects, in particular the 1,2,3 Soleil project, in partnership with the social landlord Plurial Novilia. This project aims to equip 123 houses in the Grand Est region with photovoltaic panels, batteries and software to manage energy consumption in order to make savings and ultimately reduce the energy insecurity of the households concerned.

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