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Companies today face a necessary energy transformation imposed by environmental needs (and linked to, not only regulatory pressure, but also pressure from employees, shareholders and clients), innovation and changes driven by the energy world. The depletion of fossil fuels, the development of renewable energies and the taxation of CO₂ have altered the situation.

World Class Energy Performance method

A complex energy transformation


The transformation of energy consumption within companies must rely on numerous points, delve into the heart of the industrial processes (calling into question both the production methods and industry tools), engage with behavioural evolution, and even modify the internal organisation.

The methods of industry performance


In order to bring about this transformation, Orgyeen has developed a programme based on World Class Manufacturing which is born out of Lean manufacturing, created by Toyota, the industrial performance method now used by all companies searching for improved performance: TPS, Kaizen, Excellence operationnelle, PDCA (Plan Do Check Act).

The principles and tools of World Class Energy Performance are an amalgamation applied to industrial energy performance methods.

A systemic, systematic and sustainable approach


It’s the very principles of industrial performance that Orygeen has chosen to apply to energy transformation and performance.

The World Class Energy Performance method is based on three main principles:

  • a systemic vision,
  • a systematic approach,
  • a method of improvement that is sustainable in the long term.

As opposed to Iso 50001, the goal of our World Class Energy Performance is to lead the company to a World Class level: its’ energy performance will be superior to average and to its competitors. The aim is to enable the company to play a leading role by encouraging its supply chain and its customers to improve their energy performance.

The World Class Energy Performance Index allows the evaluation of the progress of energy performance to identify new areas for improvement.

Convinced that all topics are related, Orgyeen:

Studies the entirety of company activity and areas of consumption

Takes into account each of the avenues for potential optimisation

Proposes a dynamic transformation of the company across five to ten years

The objective is to maximise the energy performance of the company to improve its competitive position. This acceleration of performance is based on engaging the company’s three resources – technical, economical and human – to:

  • save energy,
  • produce renewable energy,
  • make the most of energy flexibility,
  • buy renewable energy.

For each of these areas, Orygeen will analyse the available data, define objectives, design a plan of action, measure the results and correct any outliers. This is how the company will achieve a World Class level.