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Intended for companies wishing to convert to LED lighting in all safety, Newlight is a lighting solution accessible via an economic model without investment.

Today, only 20% of companies have transitioned to LED in France.

The majority of companies still hesitate because of:

  • fear of quality problems (abnormally short LED lifespan, decreasing quality of lighting…),
  • worry of the effects on working conditions (too cold light colours, blinding effect, flickering, discomfort or headaches),
  • perplexity about the return time for investment.

The technical teams are equally often disconcerted by the technical and economical diversity of the propositions they recieve and by bad experiences of the first LED a few years ago.

A perfectly adapted solution, quality-ready

Conceived to respond to the expectations of companies and remove the obstacles encountered by their technical teams, the Newlight solution offers:

  • a detailed study of the site’s lighting with clear and explained results and various options proposed with total transparency,
  • products selected from a panel of suppliers guaranteeing a lifespan (five years), light quality and monitoring.

The chosen solution is provided and installed by Orygeen who finances the totality of the investment and returns 20% of the made economies to the company. The contractual commitment is of four years.

With Newlight, there are no more problems for the return time or the available budget, the quality and the visual comfort are guaranteed. Orygeen takes responsibility and works with total transparence to guarantee the satisfaction of the technical teams and operators in the field.