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Ecco: the solar in flexible self-consumption

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The demand of companies for self-consumption of renewable energy at a competitive price without blocking the use of their land reserves is strongly growing. With the perspective of a potential future expansion of buildings on site, ECCO allows them to use all their production potential of renewable energy without risk.

The companies which have available terrains to install photovoltaic panels and the energy needs for their production cycle see ECCO as a solution valuing their land reserves. The terrain could, effectively, be recovered as needed. 

In addition to being a solution to enhance their land reserves, ECCO allows companies to pay only for the solar electricity they consume. An easy and quick solution to install and disassemble

A quick and easy solution to install or remove

Ecco is based on 2 principles:

  • technique

The standardised models are easy and quick to assemble (which allows an optimised cost of the MWh product) as well as to disassemble (which allows to reinstall them elsewhere). 

  • financial

The ECCO offer guarantees a fixed purchase price for the duration of the contract and thus covers part of its electricity supply in the face of the fluctuations of the market.

The contract is a ten year one. In case of a project to expand or relocate the company, an exit is possible after three years. In case of a contract end before the term, Orygeen only receives compensation covering the cost of dismantling and installing the equipment in another company.



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