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PPA Sourcing, a Power Purchase Agreement with guaranteed EnR

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A contract between an energy producer and an industrial who commits to buying his energy for a definite period of time, a corporate PPA (or Power Purchase Agreement) imposes itself more and more as a future solution for the companies who wish to master their energy expenditures.

The advantages of the PPA are multiple: when the producer ensures fixed revenues in the mid or long term, the consuming company frees itself of the variations of electricity prices. But for Orygeen, a major interest point of PPA is the potential creation of new renewable energies.

The EnR at the heart of PPA Sourcing

PPA Sourcing effectively guarantees the exclusive contracts with renewable energy producers.

The consuming company engages itself with a renewable energy developer for the purchase of a volume of energy at a predefined price (fixed, indexed, limited, etc.) and over a period of five to 15 years. In return, it receives the energy produced and, by participating directly in the creation of new renewable energy assets, and the associated guarantees of origin .

With PPA Sourcing, companies:

  • are independent with some of their energy needs,
  • master their energy budget in the mid or long term,
  • become players in the energy transition,
  • improve their brand image with regards to their clients, suppliers and employees.